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Transforming a Company's Online Presence and Visibility

Updated: Jun 18

Transforming a Dated Brand Into an Industry Leader Through Strategic Web Design and Digital Campaigns

Client Overview

My client was a B2B manufacturing company with outdated branding, a poor-quality website, and minimal visibility in their industry. With around £1 million in annual turnover, they hired me to overhaul their online presence and implement brand awareness campaigns to drive growth.


  • Website design and user experience badly needed modernising

  • No organic rankings for critical industry keywords

  • No existing paid advertising campaigns


  • Executed full rebrand and redesigned website for a premium, polished look

  • Implemented technical SEO best practices to improve site architecture

  • Created blog and other assets targeting high-value informational keywords

  • Launched Google Ads campaigns focused on core products and services

  • Leveraged YouTube and display ads to increase visibility

  • Optimised landing pages to capture more leads from ads


  • New website led to 200% increase in organic traffic within one year

  • Google Ads generated over £300K in new business in first six months

  • Reduced cost-per-acquisition by 30% through ongoing optimisations

  • Company purchased for £8.7M several years later

With a complete online revitalisation and strategic brand awareness campaigns, I transformed my client's web presence and visibility in their market. This directly contributed to their incredible growth over just a few years.

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