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Recovering Traffic & Revenue for an E-commerce Business

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Reviving Organic and Paid Traffic For Melody Jane Dolls Houses

Client Overview

Melody Jane Dolls Houses is an online retailer selling premium, handcrafted dollhouses and miniatures. After slowly growing website traffic and sales over several years, the owner was dismayed when a website change caused them to lose thousands of organic visitors overnight. They hired me to revive organic rankings and implement paid search campaigns to regain lost revenue.


  • Massive drop in organic traffic due to technical website issues

  • No existing paid search campaigns to offset organic losses

  • Needed to regain revenue quickly after traffic loss


  • Conducted extensive technical SEO audit and fixed underlying issues

  • Created a focused content strategy targeting dollhouse buyer keywords

  • Developed Google Ads campaigns with tightly themed ad groups around product categories

  • Set up conversion tracking to optimise ads for online sales

  • Leveraged shopping and dynamic search ads to showcase products

  • Implemented rigorous daily bid adjustments and keyword management


  • Regained 90% of lost organic traffic within three months

  • Google Ads generated over £5,000 in incremental revenue per month

  • Decreased cost-per-click by 22% through ongoing optimisations

  • Improved conversion rate from ads by 15%

Through immediate technical fixes and optimised paid and organic strategies tailored to their niche, I was able to rapidly regain lost revenue streams for Melody Jane Dolls Houses after their traffic crisis.

Ongoing optimisation continues to improve their results month over month.

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