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Driving Down Costs and Driving Up Leads

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

How Dynamic Ads Doubled Leads for a Leading Insurance Broker

The client is a leading niche insurance provider in the UK, specialising in hard-to-insure products.

With over £1 million in annual ad spend, their Google Ads account was crucial for acquiring new customers but had become unwieldy and inefficient over time.

Google Account Challenges:

  • A complex campaign structure with 30+ campaigns competing against each other drove up costs

  • High cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-lead (CPL)

  • Difficult for the client's in-house team to manage and optimise

Google Campaign Goals:

  • Simplify campaign structure for better management

  • Reduce CPC and CPL to improve return on ad spend

  • Increase lead volume to boost sales

Google Campaign Solutions:

  • Restructured account to use dynamic search ads and responsive search ads

  • Focused on meticulous daily negative keyword management during the learning period

  • Ongoing CPC bid adjustments and campaign optimisations

The Results*:

  • Decreased overall Google Ads spending by 50%

  • Increased monthly leads by 171%

  • Significantly lowered CPC and CPL

The client was initially sceptical when seeing daily fluctuations in clicks and leads. However, by maintaining a constant optimisation approach, I powered through Google's learning period and began driving dramatically more cost-efficient results.

The client is now delighted with the account's performance, improved lead volume, and the simplified structure that empowers their in-house team.

By leveraging dynamic ads and relentlessly optimising campaigns, I successfully decreased their Google Ads costs while increasing leads and, ultimately, sales.

*These results were obtained whilst working for a marketing agency.

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