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The Perils of DIY Google Ads

I recently had an enlightening conversation with a potential client who was looking for help setting up their Google Ads account.

They had built their account themselves with just one campaign, two ad groups, and over 200 keywords in each ad group. They were also constantly toggling between exact match and broad match keywords depending on their daily ad spend which was also being changed on a whim.

While I would have been happy to help, unfortunately, my fees were too high for their liking. However, in the long run, trying to manage a Google Ads account without proper knowledge or expertise may end up costing them far more in wasted ad spend.

This situation highlights an important lesson for businesses using Google Ads:

Building the account properly from the start is crucial for success. The wrong account structure and setup will set you up for failure. Working with an expert to initialise and optimise your account is ideal for several reasons:

  1. It will save you time and money in the long run by preventing wasted spend and improper account configuration.

  2. An expert can ensure your account is structured properly for scalability as your campaigns grow and evolve over time.

  3. You avoid tedious trial-and-error in managing your account by working with someone experienced in best practices.

In the world of Google Ads, a small investment in expertise pays off exponentially compared to figuring it out through guesswork.

Don't let an improper DIY account setup doom your campaigns from the start. Partner with an experienced professional and set your business up for Google Ads success.

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