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How Your PPC Agency Can Save You Big By Pausing Branded Search Campaigns

Updated: May 30

Many companies run branded search campaigns without realising it may be an unnecessary expense. These campaigns target your own brand name keywords, like your company name, so your ads appear when someone searches for you. While this may seem important, there are times when a branded campaign is simply wasting budget. In just 10 minutes, your PPC agency can analyse your branded search performance and determine if you should pause it, saving you anywhere from £200 to £5,000 per month.

Why You May Not Need Branded Search Campaigns:

The goal of branded search campaigns is to ensure your ad appears above the organic search results for searches on your brand name. However, if your organic rankings are already high, your ad may be competing against yourself unnecessarily.

Additionally, if competitors aren't bidding on your branded keywords, there is no need to outbid them with paid ads. You can gain the same position without spending money.

How Your PPC Agency Can Analyse Your Campaigns:

It only takes a few minutes for your PPC agency to determine if your branded search campaign is needed. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to your branded search campaign in your Google Ads account and open the Auction Insights report. Review the "Who's bidding on your keywords" section to see if competitors are bidding on your brand terms.

  2. Conduct a branded keyword search in an incognito browser window to see if your site ranks organically at the top for your brand name.

  3. Check for competitor paid ads in the same branded search.

  4. If you rank organically at the top and find no competitor ads, pause the branded search campaign to stop overspending.

  5. Set a bi-weekly reminder to repeat steps 2-3 to monitor for competitors bidding on your brand. Restart the campaign if needed.

The Results:

Companies average a 10-30% click-through rate on branded campaigns. If you spend £2,000 monthly, pausing an unnecessary branded campaign could save £200 to £600 per month. For larger accounts, savings can exceed £5,000 monthly.

While some paid brand visibility seems logical, make sure your PPC agency constantly evaluates branded search performance to cut waste and maximise your ad budget. A quick analysis can unlock significant savings.

Watch For Inflated Agency Metrics:

Beware of agencies using branded campaigns to inflate results. Some agencies know pausing branded terms may hurt campaign performance metrics. If your agency resists pausing or plays down potential savings, they may be more focused on vanity metrics than your best interests.

Watch for exceptionally high click-through rates or branded conversion rates used in reporting. Make sure you have transparency into brand vs. non-brand performance. While good agencies will educate clients that branded success doesn’t always equal good PPC, others may use it as a smoke screen. Keep an eye out for inflated branded metrics masking underperforming non-branded efforts.

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