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How I Increased My CTR with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Updated: Jun 29

The key to high click-through rates (CTR) in PPC campaigns is relevance. You want your ads to match precisely what searchers are looking for.

You want your ads to match precisely what searchers are looking for.

Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to insert the actual search term into your ad copy automatically. This results in ads that are highly relevant to searchers. In this post, I'll explain dynamic keyword insertion and how I used it to improve CTR.

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) allows you to automatically insert the keyword that triggered your ad into the ad itself. Instead of having generic copy, you can customise your headlines and descriptions for each search term.

For example, if someone searches "red shoes", your ad headline could dynamically change to:

"Red Shoes for Sale"

Instead of:

"Shoes for Sale"

DKI lets your ads mirror the searcher's query, making them more relevant.

How I Implemented Dynamic Keyword Insertion:

I added DKI to my Google Ads campaigns using the following syntax:

{Keyword:default term}

If the actual keyword doesn't pull through, the default term will display instead.

For example:

Up to 50% Off Shoes{KeyWord:shoes}

If the search term was "red shoes", the headline would show:

Up to 50% Off Red Shoes

But if it didn't match, it would default to:

Up to 50% Off Shoes

The Results:

After adding DKI, I saw an immediate lift in CTR across my campaigns. CTR increased by around 15% overall.

For more competitive and commercial keywords, the impact was even higher. Dynamic headlines that match the search query precisely convert more searchers into clickers.

DKI is an easy way to improve ad relevance and CTR. I highly recommend adding it to your PPC campaigns.

Let me know in the comments if you've used dynamic keyword insertion and what your results were!

Boost Your PPC Relevance with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Intrigued by dynamic keyword insertion and want to implement it for your PPC campaigns? As a certified Google Ads specialist, I can help.

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Don't leave easy wins on the table - let's discuss how dynamic keyword insertion can benefit your AdWords performance today.

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