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The Costly Downfalls of Not Using Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

Updated: May 30

Adding conversion tracking is one of the most impactful optimisations you can make to your Google Ads campaigns. Without tracking conversions, it’s nearly impossible to understand what is truly working.

Here are 10 major downfalls advertisers face when avoiding conversion tracking:

No Revenue Data

The most obvious issue is not being able to accurately measure revenue and ROI from Google Ads spend. Tracking conversions lets you connect clicks and engagements to real sales results. Without it, you’re flying completely blind.

Driving Traffic Blindly

Lacking conversion data means you have no way of knowing which ads, keywords and creatives are actually generating sales. Your ads could be attracting the wrong audience or optimising for the wrong actions.

Lost Customer Insights

Conversion tracking provides incredibly valuable data on customer behaviour - their journeys, preferences, high-converting paths, etc. Without this data, you miss key insights needed to refine campaigns.

Ineffective Ads

It becomes almost impossible to identify what messaging, offers and creatives are resonating without conversion data. You end up throwing spaghetti at the wall instead of refining what works.

Wasted Budget

How do you know your ad spend isn’t being wasted without tracking conversions? You could be overspending on underperforming placements, audiences and creatives without ever realising it.

Missed Opportunities

No tracking means you likely miss many opportunities to optimise campaigns for growth. High-converting keywords, audiences and creatives go undiscovered without conversion data guiding you.

Poor Audience Targeting

Understanding your converting audience is crucial for effective targeting. Lacking conversion tracking greatly limits your ability to define, find and engage your ideal customers.

Competitive Disadvantage

Make no mistake - your competing brands are absolutely tracking conversions. By not doing so, you limit your ability to make data-driven decisions and give competitors an advantage.

Uncertain ROI

How do you know if campaigns generate a positive return on ad spend without tracking conversions? You can’t accurately determine ROI or make budget decisions without conversion data.

Poor Customer Understanding

Tracking conversions allows you to analyse the customer journey and decision making process. Without it, you miss key insights needed to remove friction and improve experiences.

The Cost of Not Tracking Conversions

In summary, not implementing conversion tracking severely hampers PPC performance in multiple ways. Lacking data, you “drive blind”, waste budget, leave easy wins on the table, fall behind competitors and stunt growth.

To save money and boost sales with Google Ads, proper tracking is an absolute must. You must move from guessing to making data-driven decisions. Don’t leave this low-hanging fruit unpicked any longer.

Let’s Discuss Implementing Conversion Tracking

Ready to finally unlock the power of conversion tracking for your Google Ads campaigns?

As a certified expert, I can help you get tracking set up correctly and leverage the data to drive growth.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation where we can review your account and goals.

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