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Don't Limit Your Google Ads Too Early

When you're just starting out with Google Ads, it can be tempting to set limits on your ad spend right away, like putting a maximum cost-per-click or target ROAS. However, this can severely restrict how Google can serve your ads and find you qualified leads in those critical early stages.

Many small businesses make the mistake of putting in these limitations too early before their ads have had a chance to accumulate enough data. Google's ad system needs time, ideally at least 30 days, to learn about your ideal audience and dial in optimal bids. If you clamp down too tightly on spend right out the gate, you're preventing the system from doing its job.

A better approach is to let your new campaign run relatively unrestricted for the first 30 days or the first 30 conversions. Don't set aggressive max CPC limits or target ROAS caps until the system has optimised itself. Be patient and let the algorithm work before applying optimisations.

Once your campaign has accumulated enough data, then you can start fine-tuning settings like max CPC and target ROAS. But apply these limits gradually and strategically based on the data. Drastic caps right away when the system is still learning will only curb your potential performance.

Give your Google Ads some breathing room to find their footing before clamping down on spend.

Patience and trust in the system early on will pay off in the long run with better optimised ads and lower costs over time.

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