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Should a New Business Run Google Ads Right Away?

Updated: May 30

As a Google Ads expert, I often see new business owners eager to set up ad campaigns for their brand new venture.

While Google Ads can accelerate growth for an established business, jumping into paid ads too soon can end up being a very costly mistake.

You Probably Don't Have Product-Market Fit Yet

When launching any new product or service, the first major milestone is achieving product-market fit. This means you have validated that customers want what you're offering, at the price you're asking.

Running Google Ads for an unvalidated product means wasting money advertising something that your ideal customer may not even exist.

Think of product-market fit as finding "the right product for the right customer at the right price". Without nailing down these core basics first, any money spent on advertising is essentially just lighting it on fire.

You're Still Finalising Messaging and Positioning

As part of product-market fit, you need to test and optimise your branding, messaging, positioning, and unique selling proposition. Google and other paid ads demand understanding exactly WHO your ideal customer is and what messaging will compel them to click on your ad.

If you're still figuring out the basics of who you're speaking to and what makes your business unique in the marketplace, paid advertising will be an expensive guessing game with very little return on investment.

Your Sales Funnels Aren't Optimised for Conversions

Driving more traffic to your website does very little if that traffic doesn't eventually convert into sales or leads. As a new startup or small business, you likely don't have your sales funnels or conversion paths optimised to maximise return.

Think through and map out each step of your customer journey. How can you get more people to convert at each step? What frictions or blockers exist? Fix these issues across email sequences, landing pages, pricing, checkout, and any sales processes before amplifying things through expensive paid ads.

Focus First on Organic Traction and Growth

Think of your pre-launch or early-stage business like trying to start a campfire. You first need create a structure with kindling and sparks before you can nurture a healthy flame. Paid advertising is like pouring petrol onto a fire - tremendously amplifying, but only if a spark already exists.

Don’t waste money trying to ignite momentum in your business through Google Ads too early. First lay the necessary foundations like product-market validation, optimised funnels and organic reach. Then apply paid advertising as fuel on an already healthy traction “fire”.

While paid ads can skyrocket growth for the right business, they can also destroy startups that aren't prepared. Make sure your core offer, messaging and conversions are nailed down before reaching for the “petrol can” of Google Ads.

Need Help Preparing Your Business for Google Ads?

If after reading this article you have additional questions about getting your business truly ready for paid advertising, I'm here to help!

Reach out now to discuss your specific situation and goals. I can provide a free 30-minute consultation or a ads health check. Let's chat!

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