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Six Must-Do Paid Advertising Strategies for Businesses in North Wales

As an experienced PPC agency in North Wales, we understand what it takes to run successful paid advertising campaigns that drive results. Whether you're advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or other platforms, following proven strategies is crucial for getting a higher return on your marketing investment.

Business in North Wales

In this guide from our PPC experts in North Wales, we cover six must-do tips to improve your paid ad performance.

1. Use Simple, Clear-Ad Copy

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is using overly complex jargon or technical language in their ad copy. we recommend keeping your ad messaging simple and easy to understand for your target audience. Use plain language that clearly conveys your offering without unnecessary complexity.

2. Utilise Geographic Ad Targeting

If your North Wales business only operates in or serves specific areas, ensure your paid ads geographic targeting is set up properly. Highly localised targeting improves ad relevance for your audience and helps avoid wasting ad spend on locations outside your service areas.

3. Schedule Ads During Business Hours

There's little value in running paid ads when your North Wales business is closed and unable to answer inquiries or sales calls, use ad scheduling to ensure your campaigns only run during operating hours when your team is available.

4. Send Paid Traffic to Relevant Pages

When potential customers click on your paid ads, you want to create a seamless experience by sending them to the most specific and relevant page on your website.

Don't just send all paid traffic to your homepage., optimise landing pages and funnels to improve conversions from paid ads.

5. Leverage Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

Building trust is critical for increasing paid ad conversions. We recommend incorporating customer reviews, testimonials and case studies into your ad creative and landing pages. This social proof helps show potential customers the value you can provide.

6. Conduct Keyword Research & Set Proper Budgets

Before launching any paid ad campaigns, it's essential to conduct thorough keyword research and analysis of the competitive landscape in your industry. This data allows you to set appropriate budgets to remain competitive while achieving your ROI goals. As a PPC agency based in North Wales, we have the tools to properly research and set budgets.

Following these six must-do paid advertising tips and strategies can dramatically improve your campaign performance across Google, social media, and other digital advertising channels.

If you need support from a top-rated PPC agency in North Wales to plan, execute and optimise high-impact paid campaigns, drop us a message.

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