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Are Your Google Ads Being Seen Globally By Mistake?

It's a common issue that can burn through your ad budget - your Google Ads are being shown to people all around the world, instead of your target location.

This happens when you don't adjust a tricky setting during the campaign setup called "location options."

By default, Google has "Presence or interest" selected under location options. This means your ads will be displayed not only to people physically in your targeted area but to anyone with an interest in or connection to that location.

For example, let's say you sell furniture in York. With the default location setting, your ads could show for someone in France planning a business trip to York next week. Makes no sense right?

You're wasting ad budget on irrelevant impressions and clicks from distant foreigners who will never actually buy your local products or services.

The fix is simple - just remember to expand "location options" when first creating your campaign in Google Ads. Switch it from "Presence or interest" to only target users physically being in your desired area.

It's an easy mistake to make when setting up Google Ads campaigns. Don't let Google sneak in any irrelevant traffic that eats up your precious ad budget. Adjust location options and only reach your true target audience.

Keeping your ads local pays off through higher quality scores, lower costs per click, and most importantly - qualified leads actually able to buy from your business!

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