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Google Ads Management
for Small Businesses

Cost-Effective Google Ads Solutions


Discover how your small business can achieve significant returns with a modest investment in Google Ads.


With Beyond Goat Digital, expect expert management that turns every pound into measurable growth, tailored for small business budgets.


What you get when you work with us

Campaign setup and structure

  • Strategy session to determine goals, targets, and budget

  • Campaign architecture based on your business model and objectives

  • Design ad groups, keywords, and match types for optimal relevance

  • Research and implement negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks

  • Set up conversion tracking for insight into customer actions

Campaign Structure.png

Ad copywriting and testing

  • Research your audience to craft compelling ad copy

  • A/B test different ad copy and layouts for improved CTR

  • Write targeted ad text and keywords for each ad group

  • Continually refine ads based on performance data

Landing page optimisation

  • Audit site pages to identify issues hampering conversions

  • Improve page speed, navigation, forms, and calls-to-action

  • Match landing pages to ad copy to boost relevancy

  • Implement tracking and split testing for ongoing improvement

Landing Page Optimisation.png
Performance Max.png

Remarketing and performance max

  • Create custom audiences to reconnect with site visitors

  • Retarget engaged visitors across platforms to nurture leads

  • Expand reach and visibility with performance max campaigns

  • Integrate remarketing with email, social media, and CRM

Recommended by others


Gareth Lawn 

I have worked as a contractor for Mike for around 10 years now, he's always been easy to work with, clear and has a strong understanding of marketing.


Kim Ekin 

Michael is a knowledgeable and professional marketing manager. He always understood what was important to Google Ad campaigns and implemented strategic changes.


Alexander Cowen-Wright 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Michael, he works hard and the quality of what he produces has always been of the highest standard.

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