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Analyse Your Google Ads Locations to Improve ROAS

Want to quickly uncover major Google Ads optimisation opportunities that most advertisers totally miss? Start by analysing your location performance data more granularly.

Specifically, here is a 5-step process to follow:

Step 1: Open Location Reporting

Log into your Google Ads account and navigate to the Locations report. This shows metrics like spend, conversions and cost-per-acquisition broken down by geographic area.

Step 2: Filter by City

Use the filters to view performance specifically at the city level. Most advertisers stay at country or region-level data, missing big details.

Step 3: Sort Cities by Spend

Review where budget is allocated and prioritise by sorting cities descending by spend. See if it matches expectation.

Step 4: Identify Low/No Converting Cities

Scan for any cities that spend a lot but drive few to no conversions. These should be excluded or paused to control waste.

Conversely, also note any high-converting locations worth additional investment.

Step 5: Create Hyper-Local Campaigns

For top converting cities, create campaigns with tailored ad copy and landing pages using relevant local details. This localisation lifts relevance and conversions.

Why Analyse Locations?

Most businesses target countries or regions without realising performance often varies widely across cities despite geography. Localisation, when informed by data, can massively lift results.

One client improved ROAS by 500% in months by excluding wasting cities and crafting focused campaigns for high converters.

Location analysis can unlock huge potential!

Give it a try, and feel free to reach out with any Google Ads questions!

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