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When Is the Best Time to Run Google Ads?

If Your Organic Content is Not Resonating, You're Not Ready for Ads

I've spoken to many companies that think Google Ads will save their business by throwing budget at it. However, if your organic website content meant to bring in free traffic is sinking as fast as a lead balloon, it likely means your messaging doesn't connect with your audience yet.

Without understanding what makes your audience tick or knowing if your offerings solve their needs, ads will only drain your budget. You first need to nail your organic messaging and prove it actually appeals to people.

Why Does Organic Have to Work First?

Getting organic traction indicates you've struck a chord with people looking for solutions on their own. If no one engages organically, it signals mismatches between:

  • Your products vs. audience wants

  • Your message vs. what speaks to them

  • The content you create vs. what they consume

Essentially, you're fishing in the wrong pond! Before you cast a wider paid net with ads, you must find better bait through sharper organic messaging.

So What Should You Do Before Google Ads?

Before investing in ads, use this framework to test if your offering and messaging resonates organically first:

The One Person, One Problem, One Product Method

One Person

Name your target audience explicitly. Get their attention by speaking directly to them rather than vague messages.

For example, instead of:

" Hey, check out our consulting services!"


" Overwhelmed first-time founders seeking funding..."

Laser focus resonates so much better.

One Problem

Clearly identify the frustrations, headaches and needs your customers have BEFORE they know they need you. Don't assume - talk to them!

Really dig into their world - what outcomes are they really seeking but unable to achieve? What problems do they want to avoid?

One Product

Explain how your product or service delivers the outcomes and solutions folks ACTUALLY want. Stay focused on showcasing benefits vs. features.

For example:

X software doesn't just have A, B and C features. It enables small businesses to cut accounting costs by 20% so they can reinvest more into growth priorities.

If Organic Content Starts Resonating, Then Run Ads

If your sharper organic messaging sees higher traffic and engagement, you've found a sweet spot! Now, you can confidently boost it further with Google Ads and drive conversions.

The beauty? Because the messaging already works organically, any ad budget should optimise nicely!

But it always starts with the basics - know exactly WHO you serve, WHAT they want and HOW you deliver. Do that through smart organic content first before chasing paid sales/leads.

Content that already converts unpaid visitors will make paid ads more effective.

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