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How to Appeal If your Google Merchant Account is Suspended

To address the suspension of your Google Merchant account due to allegations of violating policy, you should follow these steps:

1. Review Google Merchant Account Center Policies:

Ensure you thoroughly understand Google Merchant Center's Prohibited Content Policy. Pay special attention to sections relevant to your industry and products.

Google Merchant Account

2. Check Your Product Listings:

Remove Any Restricted Items: Ensure that no products violating Google's policies are listed.

Verify Product Information: Ensure that all product details, including titles, descriptions, and attributes, do not inadvertently imply the sale of prohibited items.

3. Provide Detailed Explanations:

Submit a Clarification: Through Google Merchant Center, explain your business model and the types of products you sell. Emphasise that you are not selling prohibited items.

Supply Supporting Documentation: If applicable, provide documentation that supports your claim, such as product certificates or manufacturer descriptions.

4. Update and Optimise Your Feed:

Use Optional Attributes: Enrich your product feed with as much detail as possible. Attributes like colour, size, material, etc., can help clarify the nature of your products.

Use GTINs and MPNs Correctly: If GTINs or MPNs are not available, make sure to set the `<identifier_exists>` attribute to `no` to avoid warnings.

5. Review and Correct Any Policy Violations:

Compliance Check: Perform a thorough compliance check using tools like Google's Merchant Center Diagnostics.

Policy Violation History: Review the history of any policy violations and address them directly.

6. Appeal the Suspension:

Prepare an Appeal: Draft a comprehensive appeal letter explaining the situation, the steps you've taken to comply, and your commitment to adhering to Google's policies.

Submit the Appeal: Use the Merchant Center support or the appeal link provided in the suspension notice to submit your appeal.

7. Contact Google Support:

If the self-service options do not resolve the issue, contact Google Merchant Center support directly for further assistance.

Follow these steps, ensure all your communications with Google are clear and provide the necessary documentation to support your claims. This approach will help demonstrate your commitment to compliance and potentially expedite the resolution of your account suspension.

Here’s a sample template for your appeal:

Subject: Appeal Against Suspension of Google Merchant Account [Your Account ID]

Dear Google Merchant Center Team,

I am writing to appeal the suspension of my Google Merchant Center account [Your Account ID], which was suspendedon [Date] due to alleged policy violations regarding prohibited content.

I want to clarify that my business does not engage in the sale of any prohibited items. To ensure compliance with Google’s policies, I have taken the following steps:

  1. Conducted a thorough review of all product listings to identify and remove any items that could be misinterpreted as prohibited.

  2. Updated product titles and descriptions to ensure they accurately represent the items being sold.

  3. Provided detailed product information using all available attributes to clearly distinguish the nature of the products.

  4. Conducted a compliance check using Google’s Merchant Center Diagnostics and addressed any flagged issues.

I kindly request you to review the measures taken and reinstate my account. Attached to this appeal are relevant documents that support my claim.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

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