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3 Targeting Tweaks to Optimise Limited Google Ads Budgets

Updated: May 30

Hitting your daily or monthly Google Ads budget limit can negatively impact performance over time. If increasing your budget isn’t an option, you’ll need to optimise your targeting and settings to reduce reach while staying within your budget constraints.

Google Ads Limited by Budget

Why Budget Limiting Hurts Performance

Google wants your ads to reach users it believes have the highest likelihood of converting. But when your account hits your capped budget too early in the day or billing cycle, Google has to stop showing your ads even to those high-potential searches.

This leads to:

  • Lost potential impressions and clicks

  • Lower click-through and conversion rates

  • Higher cost-per-click as competition increases for the remaining budget

So, while limiting your budget can help control spend, it also limits the results you could achieve with more funding.

Optimise Location Targeting

If you can’t raise your budget, look for ways to reduce reach so you can maximise performance within your budget cap.

One option is narrowing your location targeting either by:

  • Reducing geographic radius for local campaigns

  • Removing lower-priority regions or countries

  • Focusing only on the highest-value cities or metro areas

This reduces the potential search volume eating into your budget. For regional opportunities, explore the UK Government Digital Marketplace.

Refine Bid Strategies

Carefully restricting your bids can also decrease the range of queries able to trigger your ads. For example:

  • Using lower maximum bid limits

  • Setting higher minimum bid requirements

  • Moving from broad match to phrase or exact match

Work toward showing only for your most relevant, high-value searches. For more guidance, check out Google Ads.

Tighten Targeting

You can also limit your reach by refining your targeting settings, such as:

  • Removing low-performing keywords

  • Adding negative keywords

  • Creating tighter audiences

  • Limiting days/hours targeting

  • Excluding low-potential placements

Pinpoint your ideal users and ensure compliance with ASA UK.

The Importance of Ongoing Testing

Regularly analyse your metrics and test adjustments to these targeting levers. Over time, you can learn how to get the most from even limited budgets.

Don’t let capped spending prevent you from realising the potential of Google Ads. Work within budget restrictions strategically.

Want help optimising your Google Ads performance? Get in touch to explore how better targeting and bidding can maximise results at any budget level.

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