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3 Easy Google Ads Hacks to Boost Sales

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, getting results from Google Ads is harder than ever. 

However, with some strategic tweaks, you can optimise your ad spend to drive more sales. Here are three hacks to boost performance:

Organise Products by Performance

The first step is to segment your product catalogue based on each item's ad conversion rate. Split them into three buckets: high, medium, and low. 

Create a separate campaign just for your high-converting "all-star" products to maximise impressions and budget for your top-selling items. 

For medium performers, optimise bids to be competitive but not overspend. For low performers, consider temporarily pausing ads or lowering bids substantially to minimise their drag on overall performance.

Set Flexible Bids Based on Competitive Pricing

Make sure your bids align with the actual value shoppers receive. For products where you offer the best pricing, bid aggressively to beat out the competition. For items that are priced high compared to alternatives, lower bids so you don't overspend on unlikely conversions. 

Regularly check your product prices against others in your space and adjust bids accordingly. Use automated bid strategies to respond to the market dynamically.

Leverage Detailed Targeting Options

Provide a personalised experience by serving products aligned with each user's path in their buyer's journey. For upper-funnel discovery, focus on your brand and products to drive awareness. 

For mid-funnel research queries, respond with comparison info and key product specs. For lower-funnel purchase queries, prominently display prices, deals, and calls to action. Adjust campaign targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and more to match.

While Google Ads offers advanced features, sometimes returning to basics yields the best results. Follow these three simple hacks of strategic organisation, adaptive bidding, and precise targeting to get more value from your ad spend. With the right foundation, your online store can thrive.

Focus on incremental improvements over time. Try these quick optimisations, measure the impact, and then build on what works. With consistent testing and learning, your Google Ads program will drive more and more sales.

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